Juven Wu
The French grammar Ceci , cette , ce , cela , ca , ces ......how to tell them apart ? They're so confusing > <
Jan 31, 2016 3:29 PM
Answers · 6
Ceci = this + without any words after Cette = this + female word Ce = this + male word Cela = that (when the thing you're talking about is far) Ca = cela (the same, just shorter) ces = these + male/female word
January 31, 2016
Examples to make it clearer: Ce Ce soir this night en ce moment at this moment Ceci : dites lui ceci tell him this avec ceci ( with this ,it or her depending on the context ) cette (this for feminine nouns) de cette façon like this , this way cette fille this girl cela : that cela vaut la peine ( as an expression it means " it is worth it " comme cela like that ça comme ça like this ça marche it works ces ( plural ) these dans ces conditions in these conditions dans ces jours these days And they are indeed still very confusing . With time and practice of the language ,you will get a sense of when to use which ! Bonne chance !
January 31, 2016
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