The question about articles Let's imagine a situation. I'm showing a photo to someone. What am I supposed to ask to draw his/her attention to some specific detail in the picture: A nice building, isn't it? or The nice building, isn't it?
Jan 31, 2016 5:35 PM
Answers · 6
Hello, You will certainly use the indefinite article 'a' in this sentence structure : " A nice building ,isn't it ? " Yet if you pointing at a building you talked about priorly with your friend ,then you could say : " The nice building I told you about , isn't it really nice ? "
January 31, 2016
You would say '[It's] a nice building, isn't it?', because there are many nice buildings in the world, and this is just one of them.
January 31, 2016
... and, for the same reason, the title of your question should be 'A question about articles', not 'The question..'. There are many questions about articles on the pages of italki, and this is just one of those many questions - it's not the only one!
January 31, 2016
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