What is the difference between relation and relationship exactly? Which one do you recommend? : - The relation between sound and silence. - The relationship between sound and silence.
Jan 31, 2016 11:54 PM
Answers · 9
Relationship means connection. You could easily say,"What is the connection between sound and silence." To me that one sounds more natural. I would never say, "The relation between...."
February 1, 2016
Never heard the first one used sounds funky. The second one sounds better. Though you could also say What is the relationship of sound to silence. Or How does sound relate to silence. More generally a relation is someone you are related to, a member of your extended family normally. a relationship is used to describe interpersonal contacts. To be in a relationship with someone is to be boyfriend/girlfriend, going steady, etc.... It can however also mean any type contact between people but normally only as part of a question, e.g. what is your relationship with someone. It can also be used in this more general way in a technical/scientific way. Though it would be more typical for me to say how does a relate to be rather than what is the relationship between the a and b.
February 1, 2016
They seem like synonyms ,yet both words are not used interchangeably in all contexts. In your example it is better to say " The relation between sound and silence " . Here it refers to a technical connection When the association is between 2 social entities forming a certain bond 'relationship ' is more often used , like being in a relationship ( love affair or so ).
February 1, 2016
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