Question about some parts of a YouTube video (social experiment) I need to translate this video, but there are some parts I can't hear clearly. What are the parts of the transcript at 0:28, 0:56, 1:06 and 1:22 in this YouTube video? https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=R45HcYA8uRA It sounds like: 1. Not saying _ things. 2. I've been told recently, I was homeless. 3. I did all the things _ _ plan B. 4. That's good? _ I go. See you later.
Feb 1, 2016 8:52 AM
Answers · 2
1. Not saying "yes" to things. 2. Up until recently, I was homeless. 3. I did all the things that were like "plan B". [plan B is your second best option. "Plan A" is your real preference.] 4. Thank you. That's good. [It's not possible to identify his other words. I think the man didn't have some of his teeth and so couldn't speak clearly.]
February 1, 2016
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