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How do you say what school you go to? Do you say 我来自...(名字学校) 谢谢!
Feb 1, 2016 5:31 PM
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You 上 a school. The school's name is often transliterated. 上小學 - To attend primary school 上中學 - To attend middle school 上高中 - To attend high school 上大學 = To attend university. If you are a university student, you can say something like 我在劍橋大學讀書 - I study at Cambridge University 我在曼徹斯特大學念書 - I study at Manchester University 我在倫敦學習中文 - I study Chinese at The University of London You use 年級 to say what year you are in. 我是大學一年一的學生 - I'm a first year student (freshman) This can be simplified to 我是大 - I'm a first year Generally, a self introduction 自我介紹 is written like this: 大家好。我是NAME,今年AGE歲。我來自PLACE。etc.
February 1, 2016
It would be 我上 (学校的名字)I don't know the exact reason that 上 is used because it usually means "up," but 上学 is just a set phrase that means to attend school. Here's a dictionary entry from Line with sample sentences using 上学: http://ce.linedict.com/dict.html#/cnen/entry/b952b2c28b22476a8dd099c4f58d401b Hope this helps! :)
February 1, 2016
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