Basic German! What does the conjugation ''OB'' means? Ex: Ob sie uns bemerken oder ob sie sich an irgendwas erinnern I think there are more different cases about this conjugation, could you help me on this? Thank you. Átila.
Feb 2, 2016 6:32 PM
Answers · 2
It means either ' if' or 'whether' Which one to use will depend on the context of the sentence . If you say for example : Es ist mir egal ,ob du sitzt oder stehst. Here you will rather use ' whether ' I don't care whether you sit or you stand. If you say
February 2, 2016
The best translation would be "if" Ob sie uns bemerken - if they notice us Ob sie sich an irgendwas erinnern - if they will remember anything
February 2, 2016
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