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How's your English? I need more casual questions when asking people (in Chinese) if they speak English and then common follow-up phrases. Can you help me find basic equivalents for things like: * How's your English?/How's your English going?/How's your English doing? * responses for "bad": Don't worry/Don't sweat it; I guarantee your English level is higher than my Chinese; between your low English and my low Chinese, we'll work it out Other suggestions?
Feb 3, 2016 1:49 PM
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你的英语怎么样? how's your English (我的英语)很差/不好/一般 (my English is ) bad/not good/just so so 你学了多久的英文了? how long have you studied English? 没关系/别担心 no worries, it's ok/don't worry 你的英语很好 your English is quite good 你的英语肯定比我的中文好 your English level is higher than my Chinese 只要多练习,你的英文会越来越好 your English will be better as long as you do more practice. 我可以帮助你学习英文 I can help you learn English. 你可以帮助我学习中文吗? Could you help me learn Chinese? ......
February 3, 2016
Some casual ways to say what you wanted. The English translation is somewhat literal. 你(们)的英语好不好? Is your English good? 你(们)的英语怎么样? How is your English? 你(们)的英语学的怎么样?How's your English study going? 别担心/别着急 don't worry 没关系 not a problem 我保证你的英语比我的中文强/好 I guarantee that your English is stronger/better than my Chinese 咱们一起努力 Let's make efforts together.
February 4, 2016
February 5, 2016
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