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Что вы думаете о русских? Я планирую взять урок русского для моего университета, но я думаю, его рискованно, так как урок урок связующим звеном первого семестра, и я не брал один. Вы думаете, что я возьму урок или нет? пожалуйста, ваши ответы будут писать, как english, пожалуйста.
Feb 3, 2016 3:18 PM
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Russian is language, that requires thousands of hours of study. If you're taking it seriously and have no experience in other languages from the same group, it will take 'bout 3 years of regular lessons to get intermediate level. Though Russian is wide spread in East Europe, now Russian speaking countries don't have economical and cultural perspectives, so it's better to choose other language. And it's better, when you're learning language, when you have something you love related to it - country, culture, cuisine, people etc.
February 3, 2016
If I understood you in a right way, you are think about taking a course of Russian in university. Russian is a difficult language, especially grammar. But if you have interest in studying this language, you can take this course in university. Professionals will teach you, I don't think that they will set you not achievable aims. One Russian famous philologist and philosopher S.S. Averintsev said that even very basic knowledge of a language (any language) is already a great achievement and this first step is equal to all the way that is left to master the language completely. Because even learning an alphabet is already a new world that you've just opened. You can try to take some lessons on italki for example, to learn some basics, and you will see if you like the language. I agree with those people who say that 50% of success is motivation and personal interest. Also I would note one more thing about difficulty of Russian language. Some languages have difficult grammar, some have difficult lexicology. I don't think that person who really tried to master English for example will say that English is an easy language. If you read classical literature in English you need to know thousands and thousands of words. English grammar is much simpler than Russian. But it is not possible to learn language free of charge. Russian has a very difficult grammar, unusual grammar for English speaker, but if you need to create a complicated text you don't need so many words, because you can transmit a lot of senses using grammar. Hope you will find your way in the world of languages! Yevgeniy, italki Russian language tutor.
February 7, 2016
Hello. How are you ? I teach English in a college, and you ? I could help you to improve your spoken English. It is free of charge. I just want to meet new friends and know their cultures, such as : interesting places, education, food etc. Please add me & talk on Skype directly = aliagil1
February 12, 2016
it all depends on your desire to learn something new.if you are willing to work, feel free to move in this direction, if you are unsure, you should not begin
February 4, 2016
I think this is a bad idea. In a first stage of infec... study you will want to have a tamed bear.. In second stage you will like hats with earflaps. My answer is definitely nope. Take care. Русские очень плохо, атата, ай яй яй
February 3, 2016
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