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French Keyboard I will start a French lesson on Italki in two days. As a result I just added a French keyboard option to my Macbook. After that I recognized that the French keyboard is so so different from that of English or German. Is there any explanation for this specific arrangement of letters. For example the "A" in the French one is where the "Q" in the English one is. I wonder whether it is because the first computer was developed in France, or whether it is such a pain in the neck to make everything like that in English? Thanks, Lucy
Feb 3, 2016 4:00 PM
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I would recomment the Canadian French keyboard! The letters are at the same place as the qwerty one, but you get French accents. The question mark, apostrophe, etc. also move. Not sure how to get it on a Macbook though... :)
February 4, 2016
here is the french layout It isn't a good idea to use the incorrect layout for your computer. The different layouts don't just rearrange keys but also have different numbers of keys and different approaches to typing special characters. I suspect that you may have an american layout which is one of the few layouts that is supported for input styles such as pinyin. there isn't really a necessity to install a french keyboard you can typically type the special characters on most layouts you just need to use key sequences. so for on most pcs press ´followed by o to get ó, ` followed by o to get ò, ^ followed by i to get î here is a guide I found for macs
February 3, 2016
Used in Belgium, France and a couple of African countries,
February 3, 2016
It's the European keyboard layout :-).
February 3, 2016
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