who can help me..... good day everyone... haha now that my exam is over... and am currently enjoying my vacation.. i would like to learn more about your language ( hangeul and mandarin)... pls..pls.... :D basic sentences or words will do... hmmm and who can catch with me...^^ thanks in advance...see yah ^_^
Oct 13, 2008 9:11 AM
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sorry, i had a mistake. ;) 我有没有男朋友? is supposed to be read as n you mei you nan pang you? :D
October 18, 2008
im not really good in chinese 我有没有男朋友- ni mei you nan peng you. peng is read as something like 'pang'- this means 'do you have a boyfriend? 我有没有怒朋友- ni you mei you nu peng you. do you have a girlfriend? 我当然是没有男朋友- wo dang ran shi mei you nan pang you. - i dont have a boyfriend. 我当然是没有怒朋友 - wo dang ran shi mei you nu peng you. - i dont have a girlfriend. 谢谢- xiexie, of course, means thanks while 谢谢你 - xiexie ni, means thank you. 晚安- (wan'an) is for good night while 晚上好 ( wan shang hao) means good evening. 你会讲英语吗?- ni hui jiang yingyu ma? read as ' ni hui jiang ingyu ma?' which means, do you speak in english? or do you know how to speak in english? 吃饭了吗?- chi fan le ma? - have you eaten already? and as a response, you could say, 吃饭有- chi fan you, if you have eaten already or 吃饭没有 (chi fan mei you) if you have not yet eaten. :)) that's all i could HELP for now. :)) lol.
October 17, 2008
你吃过早饭了吗?=ni chi guo le ma ?
October 17, 2008
谢谢=xie4 xie4=thanks 早上好=zao3 shang4 hao3=good morning 这菜味道很美=zhe4 cai4 wei 4 dao4 hen3 mei3=this dish is tasty!
October 15, 2008
你好!this mean 'hello' can be used anytime!it pronaunced 'ni2 hao3' ---in standard pinyin ^-^
October 13, 2008
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