Hello, I have a question about my IELTS Application. There are three questions that confuse me: 1.How long have you been studying English? Well, technically I've been "studying" English since middle school, where they start teaching you, and all through high school and university I've had English classes, but we all know how education systems can be. Should I start counting the years from then? But in another source I saw "pick 9 years or more if you are a native speaker". So there's that. 2.What level of education have you completed? I'm currently doing my Bachelor's Degree, and this is my last year(4th year). So I shouldn't choose degree or equivalent, I think? But then, should I choose secondary?(16-19 years). 3.Which country are you applying to/intending to go to? I have no idea yet. I'm applying to IELTS for a scholarship application. Should I just say other? Thanks in advance.
Feb 4, 2016 6:30 PM
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1. I doubt the answer has much bearing on the test results, so answer honestly. Or, if you are more comfortable, answer with the number of years you have been studying with the goal of achieving fluency. 2. I would probably just answer this with "Bachelor's Degree" since you're just a couple of months shy of that achievement. 3. If you can, put non-applicable (sometimes written as N/A or NA), meaning that the question doesn't apply to you or your goals.
February 4, 2016
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