Close and close What is the difference between "close" and "close". (I know their meanings, by difference I mean the pronunciation)
Feb 4, 2016 8:26 PM
Answers · 4
Sorry - I don't know IPA. But 'close' as in 'nearby' is a short sound, similar to 'gross', or 'morose' whereas 'close' as in 'shut' is a longer sound, more like 'grows'. There was a TV programme recently called 'The Closer', about some sort of detective. It was quite funny, as the local announcers got confused and initially introduced it by pronouncing it to suggest 'the person who was nearer', and eventually changed it to sound like 'the person who closes things'.
February 4, 2016
The verb 'close', meeting to shut, has a /z/ sound at the end. The adjective 'close', meaning near, has a /s/ sound at the end. That's the difference.
February 4, 2016
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