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Translation? What does this mean?: 맞팔 하고싶은데 괜찮으시면 팔우해주시고 댓글단면 바로 답팔갈까요?
Feb 5, 2016 7:43 AM
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"맞팔 하고싶은데 괜찮으시면 팔우해주시고 댓글단면 바로 답팔갈까요?" I see such lines on some Websta.me or Ink361.com accounts, but they're slightly different (the meaning is similar): 맞팔하고 싶은데 괜찮으시면 팔로우해 주시고 댓글 달면 바로 답팔 갈게요. - 맞팔: 맞 = 마주: mutual, 팔: follow, 맞팔 = following each other. - 답팔: follow someone back. 답: answer, 팔: follow. - 댓글 달면: If you comment. 댓글(comment); 달면 (if you attach/hang). It is roughly: I'd like us to follow each other so please follow me if you don't mind. If you make a comment, I'll follow you back right away.
February 5, 2016
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