Is there an online dictionary for Modern Hebrew? I would like to find an online dictionary for Hebrew or a translator that gives the pronunciation for some words that I am learning.
Feb 6, 2016 2:10 AM
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As audacious it might be for a non-Hebrew-learner to answer this question, I've noticed and offer Hebrew dictionaries. Reverso I've not used much, it has both dictionary and translation tools. Glosbe is a really weird wiki-based corpus dictionary. I say weird because the Persian version I use is mostly made up of movie subtitles, so you often get quite salty language in the example sentences even when you're looking up something totally mundane. The Chinese version is the polar opposite, using almost exclusively UN policy statements, which makes it completely useless unless you're looking for legal jargon! However it's enormous and if you're lucky the Hebrew dictionary will be useful. And of course Forvo, which the answer above mentioned, is extremely useful if the Hebrew you're reading doesn't have the vowels indicated in the abjad script.
February 6, 2016
Hi Mark, You can use the Morfix dictionary, which is great as long as you have a pop-up window blocker and advertisement blocker (like Adblock Plus): It is made on purpose for Hebrew / English, and it is great. Or you can use Google Translate:;=wT#iw/en/ These don't have sound for the Hebrew, unfortunately. For sound you can find a lot of words pronounced on Forvo: (Type the word in the search, and if somebody has recorded a pronunciation you can find it, listen, and even save it in your list to review later. You can request pronunciations for words that are not there, and somebody will likely record it within a few days) You can also find a number of excellent word sets with the pronunciations of words in a few of the sites that I mention in this discussion (see the description I wrote for each site to know whether it has word pronunciations): I hope this will help : ) בהצלחה! (behatzlacha = with success, that is, I wish you the best in your study :-)
February 6, 2016
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