Why do we use "a" in this context "I'm thinking of going to Padua.Do you know if it's a nice town?"? Hello! I've lernt rules about using articles. There is the rule: We use the before singular, plural or uncountable nouns when it is clear which person or thing we mean. But it's not clear for me why we don't use "the" in the sentence Do you know if it's a nice town? after all this is known we speak about Padua. Why don't we apply that rule? Thank you.
Feb 6, 2016 10:58 AM
Answers · 5
Yes here the town is mentioned in the previous sentence " Padua " , but we use the indefinite article 'a' also to show the person or thing ( or town here) is one of a group . "Do you know if it is a nice town (as compared to other towns, as one of other towns ) . P.S Allow me to correct you : it is I've leArnt (with A) or leArned !
February 6, 2016
We use "a" because you are asking a question. There are many nice towns, and you want to know if Padua is one of them. ("One of..." is the key here when you need to use "a".) It is not possible to use "the" in this context.
February 6, 2016
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