I would like a full script of this video Can you tell me what the guy is saying at 1:00~1:07? And if you can , can you write the whole script? Thank you!!
Feb 6, 2016 3:28 PM
Answers · 6
Whole script: We weren’t accepted when we first emerged. Inspired by legends, finding each other, we grew. The opportunities are everywhere but they can’t be seen by everyone. As one generation dies a new one emerges. In every major city in the world we’re there: watching, learning, progressing. If you keep updating our surroundings then you too are helping us grow. A different person, trained to see the world differently. Our strengths are called to where they’re needed, with so much self-discipline. We see the world differently to you: a playground, our backyard. And we’re very protective over what created us. You’ll see us training from time to time. (laugh) It’s what we want you to see: (laugh) yeah, you’ll smile back. But most of the time you won’t even know we’re there. But the truth is, we are everywhere. Hope this helps!
February 6, 2016
Hi Jenifer, he says "Our strengths are called to where they're needed, with so much self-discipline." Hope that helps. :) Ingrid
February 6, 2016
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