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The apple is red - Spanish I was given a task to translate and deconstruct a few sentences from English to Spanish. I did my best, but would really appreciate if someone could let me know my mistakes and how to fix them. (English) The apple is red. It is John's apple. I give him the apple. We give him the apple. He gives it to John. She gives it to him. (Spanish) La manzana es roja. Es de John manzana. Yo dar john de la manzana. Nosotros dar él de la manzana. Él dar de John. Ella dar de John. I'm 100% sure I butchered it and I am excited to see what I need to fix! Gracias in advance!
Feb 6, 2016 9:17 PM
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1. Correct! 2. Es la manzana de John. 3. Yo le doy la manzana. 4. Nosotros le damos la manzana. 5. Él se la da a John. 6. Ella se la da a él. So, that's it.... Bye!
February 6, 2016
Hope this help you (Spanish) La manzana es roja. Es la manzana de John Yo le dí la manzana. Nosotros le dimos la manzana. Él dársela a John. / El se la dio a Jhon Ella dársela a John. // Ella se la dio a Jhon keep practicing you are doing it well
February 6, 2016
The apple is red: La manzana es roja It is John's apple: Esta es la manzada de John I give him the apple: "Le di la manzana"(traducción más natural), "yo le di la manzana", "le di a el la manzana" Opción 2. I give her the apple: " le di la manzana", "yo le di la manzana", " le di a ella la manzana" "yo le di a ella la manzana" We give him the apple: "le dimos la manzana", "nosotros le dimos la manzana", "nosotros le dimos a el la manzana" He gives it to John: "el se la da a John"(más natural), ""el le da esto a John" or "el le da a John" She gives it to him: "ella le da esto a el", "ella se la da a él"
February 11, 2016
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