What does '밑바닥에서' mean in Korean?
Feb 7, 2016 3:24 AM
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"밑바닥에서" = from scratch., "밑바닥" is like the start in Enlish.
February 7, 2016
Context is everything!
February 8, 2016
밑바닥 has many meanings. Would you please give us the full sentence? 1.(물건의 바닥) the bottom -물이 맑아서 밑바닥까지 보였다 The water was so clear that you could see the bottom. -나는 그것을 강 밑바닥에서 주웠다. I picked it up at the bed of a river. 2. (사건·현상 등의 근본) root, basis -사건을 밑바닥까지 파헤치다 get to the bottom of the matter[case] -내 마음 밑바닥에는 그에 대한 불신이 깔려 있다 I have doubts about him in[at] the back of my mind. * 2번의 의미로는 '밑바닥에서'라는 표현이 거의 블가능해 보임. 3.(아무것도 없는 상태, 최하층) the state of being virtually nil, the lowest class in a society -밑바닥 생활을 하다/'밑바닥에서' 생활하다(최하층) live a poverty-stricken life -그는 밑바닥에서부터 시작해 사장의 자리까지 올랐다(아무것도 없는 상태) He had started at the bottom and worked his way up to become the CEO of a company.
February 7, 2016
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