for jura... please madame i didn't understood the meaning of the word backpacking. can you explain it to me?
Oct 13, 2008 6:49 PM
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Oh, Seems Mm. Jura isn't active these days! We miss her posts. Anyway, there is a guy who is available 24/24 and ready to answer anyone, anywhere and anytime, his name is Mr. Google. Well, you can find the meaning by opening Google’s homepage and type this:" backpacking meaning " and puff a millions of pages are displayed to explain it. Here are two examples: "Backpacking: [noun] carrying something in a pack on the back; "the backpacking of oxygen is essential for astronauts" Synonyms: packing" "Backpacking (travel): Backpacking is a term that has historically been used to denote a form of low-cost, independent international travel. Terms such as independent travel and/or budget travel are often used interchangeably with backpacking. The factors that traditionally differentiate backpacking from other forms of tourism include but are not limited to the following: use of public transport as a means of travel, preference of youth hostels to traditional hotels, length of the trip vs. conventional vacations, use of a backpack, an interest in meeting the locals as well as seeing the sights." Finally, Don't Bother Mm. Jura by similar questions :p hehehe. I joke, sure she’ll be glad to help out. Good luck :-)
October 13, 2008
Thanks Itlktiv! You are right again, it's a pity more people don't use google to find answers. I have just come back from a restful holiday in the mountains of New Zealand where Lord of the Rings was filmed and now I'm back at school teaching.
October 14, 2008
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