اللهم اهديه أو اخفيه : is this a fixed expression ? how can i translate it? Hello, i have found this expression in a dialogue: اللهم اهديه أو اخفيه I suppose it might be a fixed expression related to God. Can anyone confirm that? and, if so, does anyone know whether there is an equivalent expression to translate it into english? Thank you in advance.
Feb 8, 2016 11:28 AM
Answers · 3
Marco, I've never heard of اللهم اهديه واخفيه! It sounds funny to be honest because the exact meaning of it is: May Allah guide him and make him disappear! If you want the expression in English, and let's say I'm saying this expression to you, it would be: "May Allah guide you".
February 8, 2016
سأجيب عن صحة كتابة الكلمة وليس المعنى: إذا كان ما ذكر فعل أمر فيجب حذف حرف العلة في حال الأمر "الطلب، الدعاء" اهْدِهِ فعل أمر من فعل ثلاثي
February 8, 2016
it means may allah "god" guides him to the right way.. and u gotta say Amen. like u wish that really happens..
February 8, 2016
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