Please tell me if these phrases are correct #2 1- The boy is washing up his dog 2- The flower pot is laid on the window edge 3-Be careful to not fall down the stairs and bump your head 4-You've got a boo-boo on your forehead 5-Stay sat on the (shopping) cart seat 6- When you put you sweater 'backwards' it mean the the rear part is on the front side. How is it called when you've put it in the wrong way so as we can see the stitches? (please also correct my sentence if I'm wrong!) 7-What is the difference between sleepy and tired? 8-Do you want to come out/get out the shower? 9-Where is your plushy? (Is plushy correct or do I have to say plush?) 10- I'm sick and tired of hearing you cry!
Feb 8, 2016 11:31 PM
Answers · 4
1. Correct. though you would normally not include the word "up" 2. Correct 3. Correct 4. Correct 5. Correct 6. we would say "inside out" 7. there isn't much of a difference, anybody will understand what you're saying if you say either. 8. "Do you want to get out OF the shower" 9. Correct (both plushy and plush work) 10. Correct Good job!! :)
February 8, 2016
In your first sentence it is more natural to leave out the word "up." For the second sentence, I agree with Terry May. I would say "placed" instead of "laid" although it is not technically wrong. for the fifth sentence I would say either "stay down" or "stay seated." And the sixth sentence should be, "When you put your sweater 'backwards' it means that the rear part is on the front side." The eighth sentence should be either, "Do you want to come out of the shower?" or "Do you want to get out of the shower?" We say "out of" in both cases.
February 9, 2016
1. The boy is washing his dog. 2. The flower pot is placed on the window ledge. (laid is not all that common because it can sound like it is laid on its side) 3. Be careful not to fall down the stairs and bump your head. 4. Correct 5. Stay seated in the cart seat. 6. Inside out. 7. Sleepy and tired are often used interchangeably. However, sleepy can be used to refer to being ready for sleep or bed but you can be tired from, for example, exercise and still not be sleepy. 8. Do you want to get out of the shower. 9. Correct. 10. Correct.
February 9, 2016
3-Be careful not TO FALL down the stairs and bump your head 5-Stay SEATED on the (shopping) cart seat (<= if you want the imperative) 7a- sleepy = wanting to go to sleep 7b- tired = a general state of reduced energy, exhaustion (I was tired after running. I am tired of your chatter.)
February 9, 2016
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