Silt and salt “There was a period—or at least you hoped there was—with every painting or project when the life of that painting became more real to you than your everyday life, when you sat wherever you were and thought only of returning to the studio, when you were barely conscious that you had tapped out a hill of salt onto the dinner table and in it were drawing your plots and patterns and plans, the white grains moving under your fingertip like silt.” Q1:『the white grains moving under your fingertip like silt』how tougher stand this sentence? Q2: why he would tapped out a hill of salt onto the dinner table? My preception is that when you only think about the art, the project, the salt would pour into the cook pot while cooking rather the on dinner table. I'm a Chinese, does western cooking pour salt while on dinner table OR I misunderstood ?Q1: how to understand 『the white grains moving under your fingertip like salt 』
Feb 9, 2016 10:07 AM
Answers · 2
His description is too artistic . Being an artist , a painter in particular , he is so carried away with his paintings , that where ever he is ( in the dining room at that moment ) his mind is else where ( barely conscious ).In this distracted state of mind he found himself using the salt on the dinner table to draw with his fingers patterns and forms as if proceeding with his artistic project almost mistaking the salt for silt ( clay or fine sand ) . He might be a sculptor as well ! He seems to be seeing his paintings , projects and artwork in everything he uses or does in every day life and he is to depict his mood and mental state using a figure of speech " the white grains moving under your fingertips like silt " The grains of salt here resemble the silt he probably use in his projects.
February 9, 2016
It looks like it is an artist who asks you to imagine how it would feel to be an artist like him: so taken by your art, that you don't even realize that you are at the dinner table, eating. So instead of using salt as you woold expect (for seasoning) you end up playing with it, putting a little on the table and letting your fingers play with it as in some kind of artistic exercice. So...nothing to do with western cooking ! As for you first question, I do not fully understand it's meaning
February 9, 2016
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