My teacher is sick. How do I tell her I am sorry? Hi, Can someone tell me how to say "I am sorry you are sick" in formal/polite Japanese? And can you please break down the sentence for me so that I know what I am saying? I haven't gotten that far in my classes, but my 先生 cancelled class today because she wasn't feeling well. All we have learned so far is how to say "I think . . . " and "I have . . " but we haven't quite gotten to the part where we learn how to express emotion and sympathy. Thank you, Brigitte R
Feb 9, 2016 10:44 PM
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As Rae-san wrote, it is important to end sentences with something like おだいじに. Because it is for a teacher, I think it should be very polite. I would write like this: 先生が体調を崩されたと聞きました。 (せんせいが たいちょうを くずされたと ききました) I heard that you haven't been feeling well. お加減、いかがですか? (おかげん、いかがですか?) How are you feeling? どうぞ、お大事になさってください。 (どうぞ、おだいじに なさってください) Please take good care of yourself! 体調をくずす(たいちょうをくずす)=to become ill 加減(かげん)=one's state of health 大事にする(だいじにする)=to take good care of oneself I hope this will be of any help!
February 10, 2016
I don't think they have an expression for saying "sorry you are sick." That is weird to say in Japanese so I think they just say おだいじに which means take care of yourself. I would get a second opinion, but I hope this helped answer your question. :)
February 10, 2016
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