Meaning of the word فطرة in context Hi, i have found a few occurrences of the word فطرة but i don't understand its meaning. First occurence: غداً يأتي العيد، وفطرة عائلة الراغب، راحت منك - Second occurrence: ولقصة الفطرة ذيول لم يكن أحد يعرفها سواهما Third occurrence: فقبل العيد الماضي، جاء الرجل يريد الفطرة، وظل أبي يماطله يوماً بعد يوم، حتى جاء أول أًيام العيد Fourth occurrence: الفطرة.. هذه السنة أعطيناها لامرأة أم أيتام Fifth occurrence: يا امرأة.. كذبت اليوم عليك، الفطرة لم أعطها لأحد، رددتها علينا - I have found it might be related to عيد الفطر and, given the context of the occurrences (except for the first one), a suitable meaning could be "donation" (something like زكاة الفطرة maybe)but i'm not sure it is the exact meaning. Thank you to anyone who will help!
Feb 11, 2016 11:34 AM
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Great answer from Najmo, and even though الفطرة is not a word that is typically used in my country but it's a correct word in MSA and it means زكاة عيد الفطر; which is a certain amount of money that Muslims should give to the poor on Eid Alfitr. Now for the whole meaning of this context you provided Marco, after I understood the story from the explanation you gave to Najmo and Mohammed: وتضيق أمي بالتعريض. كانت لا تتركه يفلت منها، فلا بد من كلمة تمسه دون أن يحس بها أحد غيره . كانت تقول غداً يأتي العيد، وفطرة عائلة الراغب، راحت منك يا تركماني: "And my mother gets fed up with my father's insults. She didn't let him get away from her, so she would definitely say a word to affect him without making anyone but him feels it. She used to say that tomorrow Eid will come, and Alfitr charity for Alraghib's family (her family's name) is no longer paid by you Turkman." Does it make more sense to you now? if not, let me know :)
February 12, 2016
Hi all these words gave same meaning .They means (donation ) But there are many meanings different like ( طفل ولد بالفطرة ذكي) which means( child born innately intelligent) ( child born on nature intelligent )
February 11, 2016
Indeed it means زكاة الفطرة Money paid to the poor and the needy in Eid_al-Fitr
February 11, 2016
the fitra is one of the Islam's worship ! it is a donation given to the poor before the salat el eid!
February 11, 2016
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