Meaning of الحاج محمد المبروك الله Hello, i have to translate the following sentence but i can't understand whether الحاج محمد المبروك الله is a fixed expression for the Prophet Muhammad or just a proper name. If that is a fixed expression, does anyone know how to render it in English ? The full sentence is: أبوكِ أحسن الناس.. الحاج محمد المبروك الله يرحمه سمسار، لا يشتغل بالفائدة.. وماذا تريدين أيضاً؟ - Thank you !!
Feb 11, 2016 7:44 PM
Answers · 8
الحاج means someone who went "El Haj" To Mecca for religious purposes, is somehow used as a title to the person but for your information sometimes it is just used to call out for an old man just as you say mister or sir ( At least it's the case here in Tunisia) محمد المبروك is the full name of the man الله يرحمه : May Allah have mercy upon him ( it means that the man is dead) So no, it's not an expression and I think that it should have been a comma between المبروك and الله يرحمه
February 11, 2016
Yes it's just a Proper name !
February 11, 2016
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