What is the difference between 무슨 and 어느 ? Hi I am French, and despite my textbook's examples, I just can't figure out the difference between those two, mostly because they translated by the same words in French... There is also 몇 but I think I understood how to make a difference between 몇 and 무슨/어느. Can someone give examples so we can see a difference =) ? Thanks in advance !
Feb 12, 2016 2:07 PM
Answers · 2
무슨 normally when you ask someone for something you don't know ex) your friend wants to get you a scarf, but he/she doesn't know what color do you like. '무슨 색깔을 좋아해요?' 어느 asking to pick something among a category you both know. ex) Your friend showed you few colors of scarfs. and say ' 어느 색이 더 예뻐요?' 몇 as you know, this is for something you can count ex) if your friend wants to know how many scarfs do you already have. '집에 스카프 몇 장 있어요?'
February 12, 2016
어떤 1. 사람이나 사물의 특성, 내용, 상태, 성격이 무엇인지 물을 때 쓰는 말. used for asking about characteristics of somebody/something. 2. 대상을 뚜렷이 밝히지 아니하고 이를 때 쓰는 말. a certain 무슨 1. 무엇인지 모르는 일이나 대상, 물건 따위를 물을 때 쓰는 말. used for asking anything about somebody/something which was unknown. 2. 사물을 특별히 정하여 지목하지 않고 이를 때 쓰는 말. whatever 어느 1. 둘 이상의 것 가운데 대상이 되는 것이 무엇인지 물을 때 쓰는 말. which one of them. 2. 둘 이상의 것 가운데 똑똑히 모르거나 꼭 집어 말할 필요가 없는 막연한 사람이나 사물을 이를 때 쓰는 말. something among them 3. 관련되는 대상이 특별히 제한되지 않음을 이를 때 쓰는 말. whichever ex) 어떤 책이야? means "I have some information about that book. Tell me about characteristics of it." 무슨 책이야? means "I have no information about that book. Tell me anything about it." 어느 책이야? means "I have a certain information about that book. Tell me which is the book."
February 12, 2016
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