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¿Cuál o cuáles son las formas correctas de negación en ingles? ¿Por ejemplo, esta bien negar de esta manera a las siguientes preguntas? (las preguntas están fuera de contexto, ya que estan hechas dentro de una conversación) Is there a baby cot available? no, It not have a cot There are two bedrooms? no, there are one bedroom Do you have a washing machine/Laundry at the apartment? I haven´t a washing machine / I not have a washing machine
Feb 12, 2016 4:39 PM
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Is there a baby cot available? No there isn't / No there is not / No there's not / a baby cot available. There are two bedrooms? No there aren't / No there are not / two bedrooms. Do you have a washing machine/Laundry at the apartment? No I don't / No I do not have a washing machine/Laundry at the apartment.
February 12, 2016
Maria 1. The best answer is "No, there isn't one available". In English, you could repeat the word 'baby-cot' in the answer but we like to use 'one' or 'ones' a lot. Your answer misses the key fact that the negative in English needs to use 'do' or 'does' before the main verb, for example - 'It does not have a cot'. But if the question uses 'is there…?' then use that form in the answer. 2. The question form is a bit strange…we prefer to say 'Are there two bedrooms' rather than make a statement and add a question tone. The best answer is 'No, there is only one bedroom' - you must use the singular 'is' and we would also add 'only'. 3. You need to add, like in Q1, the 'do' auxiliary, so the best answer is 'No, I don't have a washing-machine' (we also use 'I haven't got a washing-machine'. You can't say 'I not have" must be 'I do not have/I don't have'. Also in English 'laundry' means either a place like a factory or shop where people wash clothes or it means your 'washing', that is the clothes and sheets you need to put into the washing-machine. It does not mean a machine for washing clothes. Buena suerte
February 12, 2016
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