This is not a sentence Does "a practice not unlike the ‘artful trick’ of declaring: ‘This is not a sentence’" mean a way of self-denial as easy as saying that this sentence that you are reading is not actually a sentence? Does "artful trick" have an ironic sense? Context: So, whilst situationism veiled itself in ambiguity, resisting a systematic categorisation of any kind to the point of denying its existence altogether – a practice not unlike the ‘artful trick’ of declaring: ‘This is not a sentence’ – there is a distinct situationist impulse that persists and is of particular use to anyone weighing the increasingly significant relationship of art and the city
Feb 14, 2016 11:09 AM
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The artful trick here refers to the deliberate self-referential paradox represented by the famous proposition "This is not a sentence", or perhaps more generally, something that can be considered in two ways, each contradicting the other. In the case of "This is not a sentence", it clearly *is* a sentence according to its structure, but it is *not* a sentence according to its meaning. There are other examples of this - including perhaps the "practice" being refered to in the text, and yes these might well be considered artful or prevocative tricks, intended to challenge and confuse.
February 14, 2016
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