how can we descibe not too fresh vegtables? can we say stale vegtable
Feb 14, 2016 12:16 PM
Answers · 4
You could also say that 'the vegetables are past their best'.
February 14, 2016
There is also an idiom that people use sometimes jokingly : "those vegetables have seen better days !"
February 14, 2016
Hi there! In the UK, we would say the following: The vegetables are stale ("stale" can be used, but it's not so common for vegetables) The vegetables are out of date (i.e. out of the recommended dates of consumption) The vegetables have gone off (e.g. past expiry date) The tomatoes are bad If they look really bad (e.g. tomatoes), you can say: The tomatoes are rotten. Hope this helps!
February 14, 2016
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