Confused by "him" “Unfortunately, however, it appeared that despite JB’s tireless cultivation of DeeAnn, he was no closer to being included in the magazine than he had been three months ago. JB had even let DeeAnn suck him off in the steam room at the gym, and still nothing.” __________________________________________________________________________ Seems like here the meaning of "suck him off" refer to oral sex. For me the vague point is that "him" is JB or DeeAnn. From the enjoyment perspective, man would rather others mouth to his Pennis. Here the sentence means is that JB want to impress DeeAnn. BUT "let DeeAnn suck him off" means that DeeAnn mouth to JB's Pennis. Maybe I misinterpret about the proposition "let" THANks
Feb 15, 2016 12:01 PM
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