"Their China unit market share was 63% and seat market share 67%" The sentence is a description for Boeing. I am confused about the meaning of "unit market share" and "seat market share". I found an entry for "unit market share" on Google(I hope it is correct): Unit market share: The units sold by a particular company as a percentage of total market sales, measured in the same units. Unit market share (%) = 100 * Unit sales(#) / Total Market Unit Sales(#) Source: https://www.boundless.com/marketing/textbooks/boundless-marketing-textbook/the-marketing-environment-3/internal-factors-30/calculating-market-share-161-4046/ But I couldn't find the explanation for "seat market share". Do you have any idea of it? Thanks a lot!
Feb 15, 2016 1:04 PM
Answers · 6
I believe that this means the market share of commercial aircraft that are used to transport people. Because people sit in seats on planes, rather than in storage holds, someone cleverly came up with the expression "seat share".
February 15, 2016
perhaps = 座椅市场占有率
February 15, 2016
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