What do these puns mean? Could anybody tell me the meaning of puns below? Many would 1. [chuck it up to] tradition. 2.[A hogliday of marmot proportions], 3.[a pronoshogcation] that burrows from 4.[protentions] of light and shadow to season, a supposition of spring. Maybe it groundhogs up too much of our time and that the whole hibernation has been 5.[punxs] (ph). :from CNN student news, Feb.3rd 1.Does "chuck it up to" mean "throw away"? 2. what is "marmot propotions"? 3.Also what's pronoshogcation? 4.what's protention? 5.what's "punxs"?
Feb 15, 2016 4:43 PM
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they all refer to "groundhogs day" in USA. It is a regional thing, in the pennsylvania area. So in my opinion, don't bother to learn the significance because nobody else knows about this stuff accept for a minority of americans who are from this region. is the official website . or just google groundhogs day. it is an annual event which occurs in punxutawney, PA. Punxutawney is an "indian" term, it is not English. For this event, government officials dress up in historic costumes to watch an animal , a groundhog (which is considered a "marmot," the squirrel family) come out of it burrow. Once out, this creature cast a shadow, which people consider to be a prediction ( a "prognosis" hence pronoshocgation rhyming with prognosis and punxutawney/ "marmot proposition" is a play on "mammouth proportions" / "protention of light and shadow" is reference to sunlight casting shadow of the groundhog, but I believe protention is misspelled. it's probably "portentous" or "portension") anyways, the groundhog's shadow is suppose to be a prediction of a longer winter. The absence of a shadow indicates an early spring. Hence the significance of the event. It's totally stupid, hence to foolish puns. there's a movie with Bill Murray in it, called "groundhogs day." So maybe you can watch it and train your english listening skills
February 15, 2016
1." Chalk it up to tradition" means to hold something responsible in a positive or negative manner. Example: He did not spell that word correctly chalk it up to him being Asian.
February 15, 2016
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