"D" what is the D for, for them versions of the words Isto disto? Esse desse? Isso disso Esta Desta? What are the "D" versions of these words? I didn't even know they existed until recently?
Feb 15, 2016 10:14 PM
Answers · 2
Hello Alex! The "D" versions of these words are contractions indicating that these words joined other word (that is this case is the preposition "de"). The preposition "de" means "of"/"from" in English and, among others, "de" can be used in combination with demonstrative pronouns. Here are some examples: de + este = deste de + estes = destes de + isto = disto de + esse = desse de + isso = disso de + aquele = daquele Example of phrases: - Quanto custa o aluguel desta casa? (de + esta = desta) - Coloque tudo dentro desse recipiente que está perto de você. (de + esse = desse) P.S.: In this link you can see a list of common prepositions and their contractions:
February 16, 2016
In that case "D" is a contraction of the preposition "de" (of, from). If I say" eu me lembro disso", disso = de+isso. This site provides further explanation, concerning other types of contraction like "neste"= em+este.
February 15, 2016
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