Люди помогите! Помогите разобраться с passive voice в английском. Скажите почему passive voice в present simple выражает и прошлое время и регулярно повторяющиеся. Например: my leg is broken. Нога розбита ,прошлое время. и the room is cleaned two times a weak. Комнату убирают два раза в ниделю. Повторяющиеся действие. Скажите почему так происходит?
Feb 16, 2016 1:08 AM
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Hi Vitya, I'm going to explain in English, OK? If you don't understand, say so, and I'll explain in Russian instead :) Here's the answer: Note that in Russian, "убирают" is a verb, whereas "разбита" is an adjective. In English, "broken" and "cleaned" are BOTH acting as adjectives! The verb in the phrase "the room is cleaned" is "is", and так же in the sentence "my leg *is* broken". Here are some more examples of using past simple forms as adjectives: The house is painted. The chicken is cooked. The house is painted every year. The chicken is cooked every evening. My leg is broken. My leg is always broken after skiing. In fact, it's very hard for English speakers to figure out how to say this construction in Russian: "Комнату убирают" and similar things sound awkward to us for a long time, because we're not used to having to imply that (кто-то) убирает-- to us, "cleaned" is grammatically a property of the room itself, the same way "large" would be, or "pretty".
March 4, 2016
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