제 듣기 연습 -뭘 드리겠습니까? -전 냉면을 먹고 싶습니다 -냉면은 맵지 않습니까? -물냉면은 맵지 않습니다. 마리아 씨는 뭘 드리겠습니까? -그럼 저도 물냉면을 먹겠습니다 -네, 여기요. 여기 물냉면 두 그릇예요 전?? 물냉면?? what does it mean??
Feb 16, 2016 5:35 AM
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There are two typical kind of 냉면(Cold noodle?). one is 물냉면, the othter is 비빔냉면. 물냉면 is noodle and they pour 육수(meat broth) and add some ice. It is refreshing in Summer. 비빔냉면 is also noodle and they don't usually use meat broth and add Korean Hot source(고추장). You should mix them with your chopsticks. Some slice of meat and A boiled egg is usually added in boths cases. 여기 물냉면 두 그릇예요. --> 여기 물냉면 두 그릇이요.
February 16, 2016
전 = 저는 Sometimes words are shortened in writing or speaking, it's common in Korean. 물내명 = 물 = Water 물냉 =Watercress, water lilly [?] +면 = Noodle = Water Noodle; but it is more likely translated as cold noddles, check it out on google or something.
February 16, 2016
-뭘 드리겠습니까? =>"뭘 드시겠습니까?" -전 냉면을 먹고 싶습니다 -냉면은 맵지 않습니까? -물냉면은 맵지 않습니다. 마리아 씨는 뭘 드리겠습니까? =>"뭘 드시겠습니까?" -그럼 저도 물냉면을 먹겠습니다 -네, 여기요. 여기 물냉면 두 그릇예요. "그릇예요."=> "그릇이요"
February 16, 2016
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