A question about tense I don't know when to use aller+infinitif and future,and what differences between them. please help me.
Feb 16, 2016 9:02 AM
Answers · 10
Aller + futur , you will make it now : Je vais manger > now I will eat Futur : Je mangerais > later I will eat , not in the moment
February 16, 2016
Find examples below: Present Past Past Participle Come Came Come Have Had Has I have three (3) Language Groups on WhatsApp: English, Spanish and Yoruba. They are a mix of native and non native speakers. Message me if you want to join any of the Groups. Thanks.
February 16, 2016
ce matin, je vais aller marcher (prochainement) demain je marcherais (d'un avenir plus lointain) in English: this morning I'll go walking (near future) tomorrow I will walk (more distant future)
February 17, 2016
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