doubt about meaning سلام عليكم I have a doubt about the translation of this sentence: سافر هو للسماواة و لا أظنه سيعود In Italian هf we say that somebody went to the sky we mean he/she is it the same in Arabic? because later in the text they refer to the possible return of this person... Is it more like "He traveled under other skies",like he went far away as if the sky was not the same as theirs? شكرا
Feb 16, 2016 10:37 AM
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Salam Claudia, In Arabic, the singular word (سماء) refers to the actual sky, as in (the sky is blue = السمـاء زرقـاء). However, the plural form (*سـمـاوات) usually refers to "the heavens", and thus (سافـر إلـى السماوات) has the same meaning as (passing away), in English. P.s: There is actually an Iraqi city called (الـسـمـاوة). I don't know the exact context of your source, but there is a chance he might be going to (الـسـمـاوة) instead of going to the heavens, especially if he is planning to come back. Sometimes a small spelling mistake can make the difference between going to Samawah and going to the heavens :)
February 16, 2016
Correct sentence : سافر إلى السماوات ولا أظنه سيعود But we say in Arabic: صَعَدَتْ رُوْحُهُ إلى بَارِئِها ( خالِقِها It means: مات And we can say: صَعَدَتْ روحه إلى السماء ولن يعود Exactly the same meaning as in Italian I hope that is good for you Enjoy your time with the Arabic language :))
February 16, 2016
I'm not the greatest in arabic, but what you typed literally means " He travelled to the skies and i don't think he will be coming back ". I Believe anything around " travelling to the skies " would mean he has passed away in any language, but judging by what's said at the end of the sentence " not coming back " i really doubt that sentence was talking about a death, hope this helped!
February 16, 2016
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