What is the meaning of '변동수'? It comes from this sentence: 그 때 받은 사주 풀이를 다시 읽어보니 저의 올 한 해는 다사다난하고, 일복과 변동수가 아주 많다고 하네요. Ionly find the word ' 변통수' instead of '변동수'. Is it similar? So if I use the word '변통수', my interpretation fro the whole sentence: Reading back the fortune-reading that I received during that time, this year will be an eventful year for me and I have lots of work to do and many expeditions. Is that correct?
Feb 16, 2016 3:10 PM
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"변동수" == 번동 (change; fluctuation) + 수 (odds) => odds for change. 변동수(變動數) is an obscure word only used by the fortune tellers (I never heard it before). It means one's odds for change, like in careers, partners, moving, etc. for the year. 번통수(變通數) is an unrelated word meaning adaptable or resourceful ways to overcome difficulties. So I think you can change "many expeditions" to "high odds for change". I would also make it "... I will have lots of ...", or even "... eventful year for me with lots of work to do and high odds for change". Also, the Korean sentence has "그 때" wrong - it should be 그떄 (no space), although it's a minor thing.
February 16, 2016
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