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愛⋯不 variations Are there any differences in meaning between these two...? 你愛聽不聽。 你愛不愛聽。朋友们,谢谢你们的帮助。希望以后我不说错了!
Feb 16, 2016 3:43 PM
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不同的。 1. It is up to you to listen or not. 2. Do you like to listen?
February 17, 2016
They are completely different. 康园园 has explained the difference quite well and here I just want to add some comments. It is not very polite to say “你爱听不听”(feeling angry), a better way to express this might be "你不听也罢“ (feeling powerless) e.g. (Two students have discussed on one homework problem for quite a long time) A: “这样肯定还是不对啊...” B:"正确做法我已经告诉你了,你爱听不听。" It is not very common to say "你爱不爱听?" directly, usually you would expect to see an objective following up. e.g. “你爱不爱听音乐?" or "你爱不爱听广播?"
February 17, 2016
The former should be finished with "。", and you are correct for this. But for the latter, your are wrong and it should be finished with "?". The former means that it is there no matter you like or not, while the latter ask the question if you like or not.
February 17, 2016
你愛聽不聽 means Whether you like or not, I'm gonna say what I wanna say. I don't care what you think at all. 你愛不愛聽 means Do you like things what I tell or advices what I suggest. it's a polite ask, which mean I care what you think when I say something to you, and I'm asking your opinion about it.
February 17, 2016
不一样 “你愛聽不聽。”一般带有恼怒或气极败坏的感情色彩 “你愛不愛聽?”一般只是单纯询问对方意见 另 “你愛不愛聽。”在一般情况下为询问语气所以应该为“你愛不愛聽?”
February 16, 2016
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