I'm trying to understand the meaning of these 2 tweets, can anyone help? どっかの掲示板で「ヤツのSNES FPGAはフェイクか本物か賭けようぜ」ってなってる その掲示板でColeco ChameleonにFPGAが使われててSNESもサポするみたいな感じで書かれてるみたいだけどどうなの(流し読み
Feb 16, 2016 10:06 PM
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Not that much different from Yuri's, but here's another version. "どっかの掲示板で「ヤツのSNES FPGAはフェイクか本物か賭けようぜ」ってなってる" => On a bulletin board somewhere I saw a line like "Let's have a bet on whether this guy's SNES FPGA is fake or real". "その掲示板でColeco ChameleonにFPGAが使われててSNESもサポするみたいな感じで書かれてるみたいだけどどうなの(流し読み)" => As they were saying FPGA was used in Coleco Chameleon on that board, I had the impression they were suggesting it also supported SNES, but who knows (read on the rumor mill).
February 16, 2016
These are my translations: On some places bulletin board, it said: “Let’s bet whether his (the guy’s) SNES FPGA is fake or real" On that bulletin board, it said: On Coleco Chameleon it used FPGA –it is written as if SNES also supports it; however, I wonder ( flow reading The Japanese used on the tweets are very informal. I did not directly translate everything. I hope this helps.
February 16, 2016
t's written on some bulletin boards of the internet "Fellow's SNES FPGA will bet fake or the genuine article." "FPGA is used for Coleco Chameleon, and SNES also supports it." It's written on the bulletin board so. (It was read easily.) how is it? A word is written by the slang used in the internet. SNES FPGA Coleco Chameleon FPGA SNES Is this word understood?
February 17, 2016
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