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does the words "xiǎng zài (想在)" mean "to want"? which is the difference between xiǎng zài and "yào (要)"? Does the word xiang alone have got a meaning? thank you everyone!
Oct 15, 2008 8:38 AM
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1.想>>>to think, willing to do sth. 2.在>>>at/in (preposition) 1+2>>>will to do something + at (somewhere). ============================================================ to want>>> xiang yao.. 想要.. or simply "yao" 要 ============================================================ 想要+verb/noun>>>>to want to do something/something 想+verb>>>to want to do something 想+noun>>>to miss... like "i'm having you on my mind" capisci? :-)
October 15, 2008
i agree with Winsin83. is right.
October 16, 2008
the differences between 想 and 想在 eg:i am hungry, i want to eat 我饿了,想吃饭。 i am hungry, i want to eat at this reasterant 我饿了,想在这家餐厅吃饭。 在是介词 后面加表方位,地点的名词
October 15, 2008
i agree with tha~~ and plus.. the word "想" have diffrent meaning in diffrent words. it can mean "want to",or "thingking" example: 1.我想喝水----i want to drink some water. 2.the word "想法,思想" it means thinking...你有什么想法?---what's ur idea? or what's ur opinion? 3."想念"means miss, 我非常想念我的父母-----i miss my parents a lot. maybe i didn't gave good examples, but hope u can understand more~~
October 15, 2008
xiǎng zài means want do something in where for example: I want have lunch in restaurant . in Chinese is wo xiang zai can ting chi wu can.我想在餐厅吃午餐. but yào just means want for example:I want have lunch. wo yào chi wu can.我要吃午餐. I don't know how to express tone of pinyin.
October 15, 2008
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