Need smn to correct this. Thanks in advance! I'll highlight the learned words by writing them in CAPS LOCK mode. 1. He is an ADEPT at geography, so he can take part at the school olympiad and even get the first prize. 2. It's impossible to grow vegetables on BARREN fields. 3. I have a lot of CERAMIC plates. 4. I love cooking so I decided to sign up to the CULINARY course. 5. Even though it was sunny, it was impossible to see anything in the forest, so DENSE it was. I couldn't see anything because of the DENSE fog. 6. He listened the critique of his book with DIGNITY. 7. Leaves of the most plants are INEDIBLE. 8. I hadn't courage to speak with him as his face looked angry and HOSTILE. 9. I liked the way he presentede his project so I decided to do it LIKEWISE. 10. Many people in Africa suffer from MALNUTRITION. 11. Many years ago people had a lot of MISCONCEPTIONS about natural phenomena. 12. For the OBSCURE reasons he quited his work and moved to another country. 13. A lot of people in Egypt were OPPRESSED in time of pharaohs.
Feb 17, 2016 4:49 PM
Answers · 1
What do you mean by 'correct this'? If you are asking if you are using the capitalized words correctly, then yes those words are all used correctly in those sentences.
February 17, 2016
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