what do these abbreviations mean? etc. h.w e.g v. fr.chick r.choc.c. app.ju. fru.sal. min.wet. PE RE IT
Feb 17, 2016 11:08 PM
Answers · 2
etc. = et cetera. This is Latin for 'and so on'. h.w = not a standard abbreviation, but it could stand for 'homework' e.g = exempli gratia. This is Latin, and we use it to mean 'for example' v. = versus. A Latin word meaning 'against' or 'compared with'. The following are not standard abbreviations. They look like shorthand notes that a waiter or waitress might make when taking orders. = probably 'grilled fish' fr.chick = probably 'fried chicken' r.choc.c. = some kind of chocolate cake, perhaps app.ju. = probably 'apple juice' fru.sal. = probably 'fruit salad' min.wet. = no idea The following are school subjects: PE = physical education RE = religious education IT = information technology
February 17, 2016
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