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Why this question use "it" "DO YOU FIND it EASY TO MAKE NEW FRIENDS?" I thought that "EASY" worked as a noun here, and it was unnecessary to use "it" Please, let me know if this is grammar, or common, or if I can ask: "DO YOU FIND EASY TO MAKE NEW FRIENDS?" as well... or both are fine...
Feb 18, 2016 12:34 AM
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No, "easy" is an adjective, which needs a noun or pronoun to apply to. That pronoun is "it".
February 18, 2016
"Easy" is an adjective. The noun (and verb) form is "ease". You cannot remove "it" from the sentence. It must be, "Do you find it easy to make new friends?" Notice that the verb form which follows an adjective is "to [verb]". If you say, "Do you find easy...?", then I want to know "easy what? What's the noun?" If you want to use a noun, then the question would be, "Do you make new friends with ease?"
February 18, 2016
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