What does 심심할때 마다 볼까? mean?
Feb 18, 2016 2:58 PM
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"심심할때 마다 볼까?" => "심심할 때마다 볼까?" (corrected spacing) => Shall (I / we) see (it) whenever I am [we are] bored? (It is a fragment of a sentence with no subject or object, so may be interpreted in multiple ways) - 심심하다: be bored; have nothing to do. - 심심할 때: when I am bored. 심심할 때마다: whenever [every time] I am bored. - 볼까?: can mean "shall I/we see (it)?" or "is (someone) seeing (it)?". The former is more likely here. * 마다: a particle(조사) for "every instance", in time, things, or people. - 일요일마다 교회에 가: I go to church every Sunday. (time) - 그 사람은 하는 일마다 실패했다: He failed at everything he tried his hands on. (thing) - 지나가는 사람마다 외투를 입었더: Every passing person is in overcoat. (people)
February 18, 2016
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