Input Method I’m wondering how people whose native language is not Chinese choose the input method to input Chinese, phonetic-based (pinyin) or shape-based (stroke)? And for all languages, do you find handwriting and voice recognition helpful?
Feb 18, 2016 4:06 PM
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○ 在只有国际英文键盘的环境中,拼音输入法最方便。 ○ 仓颉和速成输入法让人更好的记住每个字的标准写法。 ○ 很多不会拼音的老人(1920到1940年出生的)用手写输入, 一些方言也得用手写输入, 比如粤语的咁、㗎,等等。外国人要练习手写中文字也喜欢用手写输入。手写输入的缺点是机器辨认人写的字永远有误差,拖慢了速度。 ○ 声音输入制造太多噪音。
February 19, 2016
phonetic-based input method was for me the easiest to find explained in the internet how to install and how to use. and I guess it is the easiest to use. because at first I normally remember pronunciation and 'basic' shape of the character so I can recognise it in typed or written text, and it's only after a while (sometimes it takes couple of minutes, sometimes - months) when I have all its strokes memorized and know how to write it by hand. though I've never tried a shape-based input method yet ^^ and you, which input method do you prefer?
February 18, 2016
yes, handwriting input is the best, i like drawing symbols with my finger -- fast and simple
February 22, 2016
February 18, 2016
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