Is there any word or sentence can help our discussion like a real conversation? I am preparing for my oral exam with my classmates, but I find it quite difficult to make our discussion like a real conversation. Is there any word or sentence for us to add in our discussion? such as '¡Qué interesante!, ¿De verdad?, Ay.' I would be really appreciate it if you can help me with this problem, thank you very much.
Feb 18, 2016 8:35 PM
Answers · 4
I agree with Mario ..with the exception of "ya" and "ya veo", that are not used here. Surely they are used in espania, but noy in America { Estoy de acuerdo con Mario ..con la excepción de "ya" y "ya veo", que no se usan aca. Seguramente se usan en España, pero no en América }
February 19, 2016
In a conversation, while the other people are talking to you, you can agree saying: "Si", "Claro", "Ya", "Ya veo", "entiendo"
February 18, 2016
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