what impresses you most in your childhood memories?童年最深刻的记忆是什么? Today,i saw some photoes from a blog called "the childhood memories of 80' " After i saw them,the only word i can say is "thanks".Just fantastic. just look at the books we had read,the squiggle on them,the doodles on the pic of the books,all makes me laugh. The popcorn,the cotton candy,the shapes erasers,the paper airplanes,etc...all evoked my memories of my childhood.Though some of them out of time,they still good memories of there must some good things in ur childhood,tell me some interesting things of urself...^_^ 哈哈,都是在一个叫“80后的童年记忆”上看的,这里我可不讨论80后的问题,只谈童年记忆,呵呵,那个斑竹的课本保留的好好啊(小学的存到现在不容易啊,我的都被老鼠咬了,呵呵),哇,大家肯定都学过“乌鸦喝水”吧,再看看课本,读读那些现在读起来很幼稚的文章,很好玩的。还记得当时老师讲这个乌鸦多聪明什么的,我就在想,这乌鸦怎么不嫌脏呢,那水还怎么喝呢,哈哈...... 希望这个问题可以引起你小时候的回忆,讲几件,大家一起乐乐。(*^__^*) .......
Oct 16, 2008 5:58 AM
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there are so many to tell and i cant pick the most impress one.
October 20, 2008
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