Grammar Test 1 :) 18、19.She’s setting off ___ the morning of December 12th. A、in B、on C、at 19、19. Could you ______me ______my Chinese? A、to help, to B、help, to C、to help, with D、help, with 20、20. How many _____ can you see? A、food B、cups of tea C、bottles of oranges D、basket of banana 21、14 My best friend is good___ swimming, but I do well ________running. A、at; in B、in ; at C、at; at D、in; in 22、22. —David, could you help me, please? — _______? —I want my kite. It’s in that tree. A、What’s wrong B、Certainly C、That’s OK D、All right 23、23. —Hello! Can I help you? —I’d like a red pencil. —_______. A、OK B、Give you C、Take it D、Here you are 24、24. —Dad, I can’t find my sweater. — _______? —Oh, yes. Thank you, Dad. A、Where’s your sweater B、Is that your sweater C、I don’t know, either (也) D、Do you know 25、25. —Where’s the washroom, please? —It’s over there. —_______. A、Thank you B、I know C、You are good D、All right 26、2. I want you ____ with me every day.
Oct 16, 2008 8:22 AM
Answers · 1
18. B on 19. D help, with 20. B cups of tea 21. C at, at 22. A What's wrong 23. D here you are 24. B Is that your sweater 25. A Thank you 26.
October 17, 2008
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