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maybe inflague,oh , my gosh , my poor memeory!I mean I can't remeber the vocabulary ,need help^_^
Jan 29, 2008 12:36 AM
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I´m sorry I don´t know what you might mean by inflague or flague ... but maybe you´re trying to use a word that´s not in my vocabulary! Honestly my english vocabulary is so awful it´s embarassing! I always find that foreigners use more advanced words than me which I don´t understand! hehe anyway, well people learn differently but you might find it helpful if there´s a word that you really can´t remember, or not sure about the usage to write about 10 sentences using that word? I do this sometimes with spanish, especially if it has lots of different meanings... well actually I don´t, but I´m thinking about starting to do it now that I´ve written this! :p
January 29, 2008
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